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Infrared Body Wrap – Does it Work?

Infrared Body WrapThis Infrared body wrap targets and penetrates uniformly into the body emitting a full bio-spectrum that gets into the deep layers of the skin. It is also thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals and other environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat saunas, mineral wraps, and steam saunas. This Infrared body wrap is a great choice for your well being.

What the heat does is softens the fat and cellulite tissue, that breaks it up. After it breaks it up it is going to be released from the body, and burned up as energy.

Although mud seaweed and clay body wraps try to achieve the same results, there are major differences between how the Infrared Body Wrap works.

For example, for the clay body wraps and mineral body wraps bandages are heated in a pan and once removed, quickly decrease in temperature. Time is then spent in the wrapping process, which will take about 15 minutes or so during that time the bandages will continue to decrease in temperature.

Cellulite is like hard muscle that is hardened from the lack of blood circulation. Cellulite is a gel-like substance make up of fat, water and waste, which is trapped in pockets below the skin surface. The Infrared body wrap will help release the fatty pockets, and break down the cellulite.

This is why the Infrared body wrap is a lot easier to perform on yourself, or on a client. There is a lot less work involved in performing a Infrared body wrap instead of the clay or mineral body wrap. Both wraps work very well, it is personal preference to which on you want to perform.

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